Mae’s Mom’s Gift

Studied Isometric drawing at Seneca College, instruction by Stephen Ibbott. On this page, I will show you the learning process from rough sketches to final artwork.

There is a little girl named Mae, who lives in a peaceful neighborhood. She loves animals and wants to have a pet so badly. Mae asks her mom if she can have a cat, but her mom says she will never have one because Mae is allergic to cats. So every day she will go out and look for the cute fluffy squirrels in the trees and try to make friends with them. But squirrels are wildlife so they ran away every time Mae appears. She really wants to pet them but she can look at them from underneath the tree and ask them if she can be their friend. The squirrel stays still, looks at her, and never gets any close to her. One day her mom got home with a small box with holes around it. When Mae opens it, she found a cute fluffy pet rabbit as she asked mom before. Mae is so happy, she spends her time with her pet every day.

My first sketch without the grid paper.
I tried to make thing more clear.
However, I tried again with the ruler, making it cleaner.
First sketch with isometric grid paper.
Same sketch, removing grid paper.
Fix the house a bit, adding trees.
Removed the grid paper to see what’s going on.
Draw the whole story with cleaner lines in procreate.
Design the limited colors, I used orange, green, and yellow to depict a warm family and neighborhood vibe.
Drawing people in the scene.
Coloring the house, main character, and other small props.
Differentiate each character by skin tone, hair, and outfit.