Time for Mika : Book for Introverted Kids

In a world where extroverted kids often receive more acceptance and attention, introverted kids can face challenges when entering new environments. My children’s book, “Time for Mika,” addresses this important issue. The story focuses on a type of temperament often referred to as “slow to warm up” or “shy kids.” These children may struggle to make friends at school or in new places with new people.

Through “Time for Mika,” I aim to explore the nature of introverted kids and offer guidance on how parents can support their children in making friends at school. The key message for parents is to reassure their kids that it’s okay to take a little more time than others to adjust. They will find their way in the world, and they are loved just as they are.

This project is part of my Children’s Illustration specialization at Seneca Polytechnic, instructed by Jay Dart, and it reflects my commitment to creating understanding and supportive environments for all children.

Specialization: Children’s Illustration
Program: Seneca Polytechnic

Jay Dart: https://www.jaydart.ca/
Seneca Polytechnic Illustration Program: https://www.senecapolytechnic.ca/programs/fulltime/ILS.html
See other illustration portfolio: https://www.oxidepstudio.com/illustration2/

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