A Cage Called “Motherhood”

“A Cage Called Motherhood” is an illustration project that explores the mental health issues mothers face. It shows how many mothers feel lonely and cut off from their friends and careers. The art aims to help people understand these feelings.

After I had my child, I felt isolated from friends and my career. While my friends grew in their jobs, I was busy with baby duties and had to watch my spending. I felt like I lost my identity and was only seen as a mother, not someone with dreams. To all the mothers who see my art, I want to say your life doesn’t end when you become a mother. Keep dreaming. We’ll find our way out one day.

This project was part of my Illustration Diploma at Seneca Polytechnic and was shown at Gallery2104 during the Gradeshow. It won the “Faculty Choice Award” for its strong message and artistic quality.

Exhibited at: Gallery2104
Event: Gradeshow of Illustration Diploma Program, Seneca Polytechnic
Date: April 18, 2024
Award: Faculty Choice Award

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